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Update from February 7, 2017

So you might have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet on social media lately. That’s because Sara received some medical news that required us to step back away from work for a little bit and evaluate our next steps.

The news Sara received means we have to scale back parts of McCormick & Moore Photography. Since Sara is the primary photographer, we are currently unable to conduct photoshoots of any kind. So for the forseeable future, we will not be doing photoshoots or animal rescue volunteer work.

This was a hard choice to make, and it involved many sleepless nights and more than one cry fest. We love nothing more than being a part of your yearly family portraits and helping homeless animals in need, but we have to put health first, and right now Sara is physically unable to do either of those things without intense pain and discomfort.

We hope one day to be able to return to behind the camera, but until then we will continue our work providing resources and tools for other photographers. We with you and your families all the best, and will greatly miss seeing your smiling faces each year.

All our best to each of you,
Sam & Sara