All About Me Sessions

Our All About Me sessions are styled sessions designed to capture the magic of childhood. The joy of cardboard forts, the magic of a gentle wind singing fairy secrets, and the belief that magic does exist are all fleeting moments that you’ll want to capture forever.

Each All About Me session is custom matched to your child. Does your 4 year old boy LOVE spiderman? Let’s dress him up and go to downtown Raleigh for an urban environment where he can show off his web spinning skills. Have a 6 year old dreamer that loves all things unicorns? Off to a meadow we go, filled with flowers, rainbows and yep, there will be unicorns! These kinds of dreams, wishes, curiosity, adventure and imagination are what inspired our All About Me sessions. And we like to dream BIG, so any ideas you have, we’re all ears!

Our goal of is to tell a story about your child. Let’s freeze that moment in time where they love something with all their heart, and magic and make believe still exist. In an All About Me Session your child can become a super hero, princess. astronaut, baker, or anything else they can imagine. They can also spend the day going fishing,reading books, having tea or any other daily activity they just love doing.

These sessions freeze this magical moment in time to capture what your child is so passionate about. We aim to capture all the special details of pure joy your child has doing whatever their All About Me session is about.

Some examples of All About Me session themes: baking, superheros, building with legos, a favorite book, fairytale princess, mermaid, tea party, favorite movie, fishing, toy trucks, unicorns/dragons. The list could go on and on!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a mermaid All About Me session: